My Client Won An Award: The Power Of Stories Exhibition

My Client Won An Award: The Power of Stories Exhibition

‘Thought you might want to know, we’ve won an award.’

Erm, YES! When one of my (favourite) business clients wins an award, I want to know. I love to learn about my clients’ wins!
This wasn’t just any award, either.

It was the first piece of work I undertook for this client. Back at the beginning of this journey, when I still wanted to be a freelance writer but editing and proofreading were beckoning.
Testing and experimenting seemed like the thing to do, so I was taking on writing jobs.

When the opportunity came up to do some copywriting for a photography exhibition, my excitement was palpable. Especially when I saw the topic.
The Power of Stories photography exhibition shares the stories of Black people from or living in Suffolk.

I love a good story. The main reason, in my mind, to meet new people is to ask what they do and why. To get a glimpse into who they are, to learn other perspectives.
The idea of being allowed to work on the stories of people whose backgrounds and experiences would be different from mine is always exciting. But I was aware that I might not be the best person for the role.
I’m not Black. And I made that very clear when I applied for the job.

Someone else had already done the interviews for this project – which was good because that isn’t a part I particularly enjoy – and I was given the transcript or notes and to write the stories out of it. I took their interview with the photography subject, or the notes that had been made about their life, and I wrote a short piece about who, what and why they are. Using their own words was vital to get across not only their voice, but also their true meaning. And using their own words is often where the power of their story lies.

I can’t express enough how interesting their stories were. Some were motivating, empowering, some were downright fascinating, and some were simply powerful. I enjoyed learning about each and every one.
Including the stories that I didn’t write but was asked to check over and proofread.

My part in this exhibition was very small, but my client is lovely and the subject matter was fascinating. I learned a lot; about the people in the photographs and their experiences, but also about my own relationship with copywriting.
I’m so incredibly proud that I was allowed to be involved in this project, and so incredibly proud of the organisers for winning the Temporary or Touring Exhibition of the Year 2022 at the Museums and Heritage Awards.
Especially as they beat the V&A and Blenheim Palace and Blenheim Art Foundation (two incredibly big names), AND the Natural History Museum (which has a special place in my heart).

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that I left the South East fourteen years ago, yet some of my favourite clients are based there. I can run all I like, but home will keep calling me.


This award also stirred something in me. I have a passion for history, a fascination with heritage and museums, and a degree in archaeology. Working on more cultural and heritage projects would be a dream come true.

If you’re in need of a copy editor or proofreader for your cultural or heritage project, please get in touch. I’d love to hear all about it and see if I can help in some way