Editor / Proofreader

You’ve written your piece. Maybe it’s a book, perhaps it’s a report or blog post.

You’ve read it through, so much so that you’re probably sick of the sight of it by now.

Maybe you just don’t have the time to give it that final polish.

What you need is an experienced pair of eyes on your work.

To ensure that there’s flow and rhythm, that everything makes sense, to catch those pesky typos and figure out the comma situation.

I would love to help to make your book, your copy or your authors’ books the best they can be.

"Brilliant and thoughtful work by Jenny. She was really easy to work with and complete the task well within my timeframe and surpassed all my expectations."

Andrew W.


With over two decades of creative writing experience and ten years of professional editing and proofreading experience, I would love to help you with your exciting project.

I can edit and proofread your work, not only saving you time but stopping you from screaming at your screen (we’ve all been there).

You’ll have peace of mind that your work is in safe, experienced hands with the added benefit that I’m a fast worker and always do my best no matter what.

Because as a writer (a novelist with 13 books published and counting), I’m a firm believer that every written piece of work put out into the world should be the best it can possibly be.


Over a decade of editing experience has given me a gut feeling for sentence structure, although I’m still always learning and applying my refined skills to any project that graces my screen.

I’ve edited a lot of things over the last ten years:

  • novels
  • marketing materials,
  • reports,
  • web content and copy,
  • blog posts,
  • non-fiction, inspirational and business books.

Including editing an FAQ section for an internet hosting company and rewriting a whole website for an education company.

Send me an email if you’d like to chat about your editing needs.


During a proofread, I’ll go through and check for any typos and misplaced or missing punctuation or words, but I’ll also be on the lookout for anything the edits may have missed, e.g. a clumsy sentence. The proofread is all about the final polish.

Whatever my job, over the last twenty years, I’ve always become my team’s resident proofreader which means I’ve worked as a proofreader in various industries including environmental, local government, health and higher education.

I’ve previously proofread:

  • a number of non-fiction and fiction books,
  • university prospectuses,
  • marketing materials,
  • important reports including one for a high profile press conference,
  • media proposals,
  • whole websites,
  • employee handbooks, and
  • bid proposals.

Need someone to check your work? Get in touch and let’s talk proofreading.

(Please be aware of Gaiman’s Law: No matter how many proofreads something has had, once it’s published, a typo will reveal itself. It happens to the best of us, including bestselling, world-famous authors.)


If you’re publishing on KDP (Amazon) or want to create an ebook to sell on your website, then I can help to make your book beautiful.

I can format your ebook ready to upload to KDP or send you the completed ebook ready to upload to your sales platform, ensuring your book has everything it needs and provide you with all the applicable files.

Paperbacks are particularly annoying for some people. I can typeset your book in Word ready to be uploaded to Amazon. You’ll be sent the PDF file ready to be uploaded straight to Amazon with no fuss, as well as the original Word file so you can make changes whenever you like.

I think paperbacks should look as wonderful as possible which is why, if possible, I love incorporating the fonts and any images you’re using in the cover to tie the whole product together.

Don’t get to the point of throwing your computer out of the window! Get in touch and let’s talk through how I can help.


Some examples of my editing, proofreading and typesetting work.