Cosy Mysteries

INTRODUCING…a cosy mystery series with tea, a brownie and murder

Can a reluctant witch and a Scottish brownie solve a murder?

In the bustling, law-abiding historic market town of Chipping Briar, a body has been discovered and the coronor says it’s murder.
Why the police would be knocking on the door of Ginny Tidswell, who is a witch whether she likes it or not, is anyone’s guess. Until you start putting the pieces together…
Ginny has to clear her name and thankfully she has Mullarky, a very helpful brownie from Scottish folklore, to help.

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Who is that woman with a mouth full of cake?

It's me! Jen. E. Nice

Hi! I'm Jen. I live in Bristol, in the south west of England with my Labrador who would love to know if that's a biscuit in your pocket? I'm a fantasy author who has slowly been disappearing into the world of cosy mysteries. When I'm not in the woods with fae or on a ship with sky pirates, I'm now eating cake with a Scottish brownie and telling everyone who looks at my search history that it's FOR A NOVEL! Honest.